Some pathways in life get more rewarding the more challenging they become.

Accomplishing tasks on your website isn’t one of them.

Well-researched, well-planned, iterative-build experiences help drive ease-of-use and user satisfaction in digital experiences. Good user-centered design process can improve every stage of the product/experience lifecycle:

  • Greenlight & Discovery: it helps identify goals & develop solid strategies to accomplish them;
  • Concepting & Development: it helps focus on MVP, value creation & aligning to target users
  • Prototyping & Usability Testing:  it uncovers critical and secondary functional errors, surfaces gaps in process step conception and informs iteration
  • Post-launch: it focuses on converting insights from real user metrics and usability testing into the next feature/defect list to feed development cycles

The key takeaway? Partner with a real-deal user-centered design practitioner and UX the hell out your experience offerings

We’ve got just the elixir for you.


Snake Oil Design is the Atlanta-based freelance studio led by award-winning designer and user experience architect Scott Harriman and his network of design and technology partners.

Snake Oil Design offers a variety of professional creative services critical to the building of impactful digital and web-based experiences and communications designs.

If you have a project you’d like to talk over with us please inquire.



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